Top Performance Engines

Building Your Performance Engine


Building performance engine isn't a task that should be taken lightly. Not just does this involve using advanced mechanical skills but, optimizing the performance of ATV or even motorcycles involve using big funding. For this reason, before you delve into high performance engine building, it is vital to keep 2 key factors into account.


Number 1. Understanding its Purpose


The first step for building performance jeep 4.0 stroker engine will involve figuring out the purpose why you're building such. If your objective is to make the fastest machine for local track, then your plan is going to be different from someone who just wants to add a little bit of horsepower.


In an effort to determine the objective of your build, you have to consider the kind of riding that you will do whether you plan to use the bike or ATV for racing and to what you are expecting to get from the engine build. In addition to that, you have to take into account where you'd like the RPM range be when you ride the bike. Lastly, you should assess your budget in order to determine how much you could invest in building your high performance ls engine.


Number 2. Determine How You can Reach Your Goal


The steps taking towards building your engine largely depends on your purpose. Some of the typical methods to add torque and horsepower include:


Compression - increasing compression helps in boosting the torque and horsepower across the RPM range. Since the compression is increasing heat and pressure, it must be raised until before the point of detonation. To gain more knowledge on the benefits of engine building, go to


Camshafts - this is dictating the kind of power that the engine is going to produce and to where in the RPM range the power occurs.


Duration and Lift - the lift is opening the valves further while the duration is what holding them longer. For this reason, the two are the most effective when used in combination.


Titanium Valves - these are lightweight and strong. Replacing the steel valves using titanium is highly recommended for faster revs or increased red line.


Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings and Ceramic Bearings - the ceramic bearings as well as DLC coatings help in minimizing friction which helps to find extra horsepower in the engine. Ceramic bearings on the other hand are available for rear and front wheel bearings.


Head Porting - this is reshaping the exhaust and intake ports which then helps in filling the cylinder with fuel and air while maximizing the benefits of oversized valves, camshafts and high compression builds.