Top Performance Engines

Choosing the Perfect Engine


It feels fun to customize your car engine. This can be a challenging as well as personal fulfillment goal. Remember that immersing yourself in search for the best engine for your car can be tough issues. However, things can be easy if you know what matters. Here is a simple guide towards choosing the best replacement engine for your car.  Keep in mind what is right for your car as there is nothing like light or easy changes to do. Golen engines offer all types of replacement engines which mean you have the way to the driving experience you have always been looking of. Here is a simple review of the Golen replacement engines.


There is the LS1 crate engine which is the best suit for all cars that are LS-based. It is important to check out the specs on your car and make sure that your car can handle the LS engine. This kind of engine is a no-frills, simple and effective replacement engine.  If you are looking for a greater thrill, you can take the LS1 replacement boosted engines. They offer extra speed and horsepower that you may be looking for. Learn about Golen Engines here!


The next in line is the Jeep 4.6 stroker. The first step towards the use of this engine owns a jeep. If you own a jeep and you are looking for some extra torque and horsepower, then this is the engine that you need.  This engine has a solid foundation, extra style and edge that matters to you.  It is very economical on fuel. It is best for a Jeep owner who wants to maximize performance car fuel output remain a bit green.


The LS1 race engines are the engine for a race car driver who is looking for optimal performance. It is reliable and has the specs that you need irrespective of your directions.  They are suitable for road racing, drag racing circle tracks, and off-roading.  It is custom built and has a range of 500hp to 1500hp. This is what you need to meet your racing needs. Know about Golen Engine Service here!


There are the LT1/LT4 engines for the lT1/LT4 based cars.  They have engines that range between 400hp/770 hp. They have both short and long blocks which allow for limitless customization.  These are what you need to customize your car. Engine each is customizing made to order, efficient and reliable. It is covered with a three year warranty. To get more ideas on how to choose the right performance engines, visit